HHC Gummies

HHC Gummies

There are a number of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant — many of which are known as cannabinoids. While the CBD cannabinoid remains popular in the hemp market, there have been a few others also taking the spotlight in the last couple years. Think delta 8 THC, delta 8 THC, and THC-O.
However, one of the newest conannonoids on the scene is hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC for short.

HHC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that derives from the cannabis plant family. Well there is still more to discover about its properties and interaction with the body, this psychoactive Cannabinoid has become a novelty compound due to its scarcity. As an alternative to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), options like HHC have gained notoriety, but products infused with the cannabinoid are not so easy to get — not yet at least. Because the cannabinoid is new, it’s relatively unfamiliar compared to other cannabis products, therefore doing a quick Google search might not provide you much information, but you’ve come to the right place!

In addition to HHC, we also offer other exciting products like Amanita Gummies, a new trend and boom in the industry. Explore our selection to find the perfect fit for your preferences.

Nonetheless, product after product, various cannabinoids have been making an impression on cannabis communities and medical sectors alike, with HHC products being one of the newest contenders in getting attention. HHC can be found in a variety of forms including vapes, capsules, extracts, concentrates, gummies and more. But I have them all, HHC gummies are amongst the most popular.

You don’t need to be familiar with HHC to learn more! In this article we plan to share everything that you need to know about this unique cannabinoid causing a lot of chatter. This includes its perks, legality, why you should consume HHC gummies and more.

HHC Gummies – what are they?

Before we learn about HHC gummies and their impact, it’s important to know what HHC is in its entirety.

HHC is not to be confused with THC. In fact, HHC is the hydrogenated form of THC and naturally present in certain varieties of cannabis. It is considered a semi synthetic cannabinoid (which depends on its source and how it’s created) that requires chemical alteration from using THC. Nonetheless, HHC is thought to be around 70-80% the strength of THC, making it far more powerful in potency compared to potent than delta 8 and delta 10.

When it comes to HHC legality, is it quite strange and questionable. Like delta 8 THC, HHC falls in the legal loophole.Currently, under the Farm Bill signed into law in 2018 by the former President, HHC products must contain .3 percent THC, which is the current mandated level to be manufactured, sold and consumed. Furthermore, the Farm Bill has given states the power to regulate HHC however they see fit. While some states have limited the access of HHC, many have made HHC legal.

The high produced by HHC are THC-like, except it’s more mild. In small doses, HHC can provide a moderate high that is less intense than that of THC. So, what are HHC gummies?

Quite simply, they’re sweet, chewy and tasty treats that were created by way of an HHC infusion. People love consuming HHC in the form of a gummy due to a number of reasons. These include discrete dosing, delicious taste and flavor, long-lasting performance, and many others.

In order to make HHC gummies, HHC must first be produced in a laboratory (from an organic source of course) and then infused with other ingredients to make a tasty formulation that will get molded into bite-sized gummies. Like any gummy, HHC gummy‘s come in a variety of flavors, colors, sizes, shapes, and potencies. In terms of the federal legality of HHC gummies, it’s rather confusing and debatable but we will touch more on that later.

How to utilize HHC gummies

In this case, we’re referring to the delivery method of HHC you choose to consume the cannabinoid. There are a number of ways to consume HHC including inhalation, ingestion, and sublingual administration. However, typically when you consume HHC in the form of an edible you will simply pop one in your mouth, eat it, digest it and wait for a positive to kick in — this is where bioavailability comes in.

The level of bioavailability refers to how much of a compound gets absorbed in the body. Essentially, it affects how much of the HHC cannabinoid you’ll feel and how long it’ll take for it’s reactions to start.

Each delivery method of consumption has its own level of bioavailability. While consuming HHC using inhalation by way of a smokebake such as a vape, pre roll, or flower has high bioavailability, HHC gummies offer impacts that last much longer. In order to feel impacts, HH gummies must first undergo a process of digestion. And once digested the cannabinoid gets metabolized and will eventually enter your bloodstream for impacts to kick in.

Therefore if you consumed an HHC gummy and don’t feel any impacts right away, be patient. Make sure to give the HHC some time to enter your bloodstream before you decide to consume another one. Above all, you should listen to your body and be safe to not over consume it as it could hit you all at once — and you don’t want that.

So it’s important to be aware about the level of bioavailability of HHC gummies and HHC in general, really.

Why Choose PureCBDNow for HHC Gummies

Undoubtedly there is a sea of products available for consumers to choose from. However, this can be a real challenge, especially for those who are new to cannabis in general. No matter if you shop for HHC online or offline, you will more than likely have to sift through all of the products to find high-quality HHC.

You also have to be extra cautious when shopping for HHC. Although many companies are selling HHC vapes, oils, gummies carts, and more, there is only a small number of reputable companies that are trustworthy and conduct third-party testing. Basically, like any industry, there are many scam retailers who have placed profit over people, offering consumers low-quality products.

If you’re curious and completely sold on experiencing HHC for the first time, again we suggest that you exercise caution on your search and be sure to do plenty of research before you purchase anything.

Here at PureCBDNow, we understand the struggle of having to sift through all of the HHC products available on the market — be it flower, vapes, oils, or gummies. We want consumers to struggle no more and know that our selection of high quality HHC is sure to please, and that’s our guarantee. As a five-star company, we haven’t earned our reputation by being average. We are out to disrupt the industry and provide the best quality products we can, not only to keep our customers happy and well, but to set a standard of supreme quality in the industry.

The Best HHC Gummies

As we said, there are a ton of HHC products out there, which also includes gummies infused with the cannabinoid. Be that as it may, we have done the work for you and found some of the best HHC gummies that are not only affordable, but make for the perfect discreet treats.

HHC Watermelon Gummies 750mg

The vibrant appearance and dynamic properties of our HHC gummies make it a potent favorite for those who love juicy fruit flavor. Packed with 25 mg. per gummy, these offer the purest infusion of HHC you look for in cannabis. With these HHC Watermelon Gummies, you can envision clear skies and blue waters after savoring that first juicy bite of watermelon flavor.

HHC Tropical Fruit Gummies 250mg

These HHC Tropical Fruit Gummies offer a one of a kind feeling that will take you to a place of true paradise. Don’t let the 10mg. serving of HHC per gummy fool you, these edibles still pack a punch and make the perfect treat when you want to just get away. The best part? They won’t make you drowsy — only a sensational experience awaits.

JGO Orange Creamsicle HHC Gummy 750mg

No need to chase down the ice cream truck for something savory. Bring the fun straight to your taste buds with each gummy from Orange Creamsicle by JGO. These gummies have a sweet and fruity orange flavor that offers an equal dose of elevated sweetness and psychoactivity. Orange Creamsicle Gummies come in a 30 count pack with 750 mg of HHC. While delicious just be sure not to overdo it!

JGO HHC Gummy Watermelon Bomb 750mg

Based on its name, this HHC gummy is amazingly sweet and fruity with a distinctive juicy watermelon aftertaste. From your first bite of Watermelon Bomb, you’ll almost instantly feel impacts. Thanks to the HHC and many other chemical compounds, this delicious edible packs a punch and sure to make your taste buds explode with flavor.

Strain Snobs HHC Gummies 500mg

If you’re craving a super refresher of peach flavor, these HHC gummies edibles Offered by Strain Snobs are for you! Following this sweet and delicious fruit taste, each HHC gummy is infused with 50mg of pure HHC extract that will give you a whimsical experience m. These come in a pack of 10, which makes it hard not to eat them all so quickly!

Koi HHC Gummies 200mg

Koi HHC gummies Wedges may send you to new heights through a burst of flavor. A great option for daytime or after a long day, the soft and chewy taste of each gummy is as sweet for your senses as it is for its impacts. Build your excitement and have fun choosing from a variety of flavors – be it Blue-Razz, Watermelon, Strawberry, Mango, or Lime – they’re all juicy and absolutely delectable.

HHC Gummies – Frequently Asked Questions

No one knows everything, and certainly when it comes to trying something new like a cannabis product, it’s a good idea to learn what you don’t know so you can make a well-informed purchase and achieve the best HHC experience possible. Below, we answer a few questions you may have or haven’t yet pondered.

How Safe are HHC Gummies?

Due to the nature of HHC‘s legality, the efficacy and safety of consuming the cannabinoid is currently unknown. However there have been no reports of overdose or death from consuming HHC or products infused with a Cannabinoid. Currently there is little to no research on HHC so we simply cannot make any definitive statements. What we do know is the impacts of other cannabinoids suggest that HHC has a similar safety profile to delta nine THC. However ingesting substances that have been hydrogenated from a chemical conversion are unknown.

If anything, we can assume that the side impacts of HHC over-consumption may cause paranoia, fear, impaired thinking, slower reaction times, dry mouth, red eyes — really all of the typical side impacts associated with THC. Another important thing to point out is the fact that HHC products don’t only contain HHC, but also other chemical compounds such as cannabinoids and non-cannabinoid substances that were used in the process of conversion to hydrogenate HHC. Lastly, the potency of every HHC product will vary and will be different from person to person.

Therefore, these factors should be taken into account and also highlight the importance of purchasing from reputable brands who offer consumers third-party tests to verify exactly what they’re consuming.

What is the Process of Making HHC Gummies?

American chemist Roger Adams first discovered HHC through his experimentation with the pharmacological potential of THC. While HHC derives from the cannabis plants, it must be altered in a laboratory. This is done by hydrogenating THC, and thus, HHC is created.

What Do HHC Gummies Do?

In terms of impacts, HHC has similar impacts to THC. Though, due to its mild psychoactivity,, you’re less likely to experience a powerful high normally associated with delta 9 THC. This means that the impacts of HHC will not be as intense yet it will vary person to person. The high of HHC kicks in quickly and can last for a duration of between 2-4 hours.

Like any cannabinoid, HHC interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is a biological network made up of a number of cannabinoid receptors that maintain important bodily functions including numbness, mood, memory, appetite and others. Yet,scientists are still trying to understand how cannabinoids( including HHC) influence this unique system. As we said, HHC cannabinoid is relatively new but impacts include, stimulation, cognitive changes, changes in visual and auditory perception and others. There could be potentially more, but this is what we know so far.

Each person is unique and the same can be said for cannabinoids. No matter which one you consume, it will affect each person differently in various ways. Therefore, we suggest starting with a small dose and observe how your body reacts before increasing your dosage. Also be sure to follow dosage recommendations which can be found on the label of your HHC product.

How Many HHC Gummies Are in One Serving?

If you’ve had questions about HHC dosage, understand there’s no standard amount set for the cannabinoid. Typically the servings range from 10-50 milligrams of HHC and come in a pack of 5-30.

But understanding what works for you may not work for another person. Therefore, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the factors that will affect how much HHC should be consumed. The top three include the HHC dosage, tolerance level, delivery method, and personal preference.

Will HHC Gummies Get You High?

Yes. While not as powerful as delta 9 THC, HHC can provide a high, yet it will be more mild in comparison. The upside is that the HHC cannabinoid will get absorbed into the bloodstream much faster, which can cause impacts to kick almost instantly.

Do HHC Gummies Taste Good?

Taste is a bit subjective, but to answer, typically yes! As we said earlier, HHC companies come in a range of flavors and will not only taste just like your standard chewable candy or gummy, but also appear as one. This not only makes for tasty, psychoactive experience, but a discreet one.

Do HHC Gummies Show Up on Drug Tests?

Unfortunately, because HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC, there is some potential it could cause a positive drug test.. Since drug tests were designed to search for THC metabolites, HHC is likely to break down into the THC metabolite — just drug tests are looking for. If you have concerns about this, be sure to consume responsibly and perform your own research to avoid trouble of any kind when taking HHC.

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