iDELTA Premium Black Hole Delta 9 Blend Gummies 2200mg


Take a cosmic trip with our unique Black Hole Gummies, packed with 80mg of Delta8, 8mg of THCP, 12mg of Delta9, and 10mg of CBN. These gummies not only deliver potent effects but also tickle your taste buds with a delightful blackberry flavor. It’s not just a gummy, it’s a ticket to a mind-expanding journey!

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Take a cosmic journey with iDELTA’s Premium Black Hole Delta 9 Blend Gummies, featuring a potent 2200mg concentration. Just as black holes stretch the fabric of space and time, these gummies can shift the boundaries of consciousness, ushering in an experience from which mundane thoughts might find it hard to return. Each gummy tantalizingly tastes like the sweet, multifaceted blackberry—a fitting tribute to its celestial inspiration.

The creation of these gummies involved an imaginative journey. Envision a day spent navigating a black hole, pondering the immense force and density that twists space-time and traps anything within its reach. How could this cosmic phenomenon inspire a unique, consciousness-altering substance? This question sparked a decades-long endeavor to harness the essence of a dying star and repurpose it as an unconventional fertilizer for a cannabis plantation.

The answer was surprisingly simple, thanks to the development of unidirectional wormhole technology. It turns out, a minuscule amount is all it takes—as little as a cubic millimeter of this stellar matter holds the mass of a small moon. The result: a powerful concoction of Delta 9 that transports your consciousness to an event horizon of its own, where everyday thoughts fade into the background.

The flavor profile mirrors the source of inspiration. The gummies taste uncannily like blackberries—those tiny, many-bumped fruits that seem to encapsulate the mystery and allure of a black hole. The hope is that these extraordinary gummies resonate with users as much as they have with the creators.

Each gummy packs a powerful punch, boasting a potent blend of cannabinoids—80mg of Delta 8, 8mg of THCP, 12mg of Delta 9, and 10 mg of CBN. This blend promises an immersive, mind-altering experience that’s well beyond the ordinary. So why not take a leap of faith and step into this black hole, allowing it to transform your understanding of space, time, and consciousness?

Key Features:

  • Uniquely potent blend: Each gummy contains a well-balanced mix of 80mg of Delta 8, 8mg of THCP, 12mg of Delta 9, and 10mg of CBN, offering a multi-faceted cannabinoid experience.
  • Inspired by astrophysics: Conceived and crafted with the concept of black holes and event horizons, resulting in an unparalleled and transformative user experience.
  • Delectable taste: Despite their complex nature, these gummies offer a delicious blackberry flavor, providing a delightful balance of taste and potency.
  • Quality assured: Leveraging advanced technology and premium cannabis, every gummy promises quality, safety, and consistency.

Warning – Don not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this product.

Must be 21 years of age to purchase this product.

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