iDELTA8 Delta 8 Gummies 20ct – 50mg Per Gummy


Get ready for a flavor voyage that’s out of this world! These potent delta-8 gummies come in three unique flavors: Space Berries, Star Berries, and Sun Drops, each offering a unique tasting experience. With 50mg of Delta-8 per gummy and 20 in a pack, they’re a fun, delicious way to explore the benefits of hemp-derived wellness. Remember, this cosmic journey is for adults aged 21 and up!

With unprecedented potency, iDelta8 is here to assault your sensitive, earthly sensitivities and take you on the trip of your life. View Lab Report

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Introducing Space Berries, Star Berries, and Sun Drops, the trifecta of exotic iDELTA8 gummies, carefully crafted from a unique blend of flavors that exist beyond the boundaries of our planet. Each variety brings with it a taste and experience that’s genuinely out of this world.

Let’s start with the Space Berries. Here on the spaceship, blue raspberries intrigued us, a flavor sensation loved on Earth but not found in nature. So, we infused our ultra-potent delta-8 gummies with a tart blue fruit unique to our planet. Imagine a berry, born and raised in the cosmos, a much-loved snack during our intergalactic sporting events. The name doesn’t translate well into English, so we’ll simply refer to them as “Space Berries”. Their delightful flavor will certainly help to enhance your interstellar journey.

Next up, we have Star Berries. One of our scouts, lost on a Michoacán farm, discovered what Earthlings call “strawberries”. Despite the risk of consuming a potentially poisonous Earth fruit, this fortunate discovery turned out to be one of our planet’s most cherished delicacies. Transplanted to our hydroponic farms in orbit, these berries have been transformed into “Star Berries”, the sweet, bright flavor captured in our signature high-potency delta-8 gummies.

Finally, there’s Sun Drops. The process is a bit tricky: we use a gravitational extraction device to extract concentrated plasma from the core of an orange K-type star. This plasma is then liquefied using a unique medium found only on the planet KRS-1. After removing the smigglejelly to purify the solar essence, we inject this de-smiggle jellied substance into a delta-8 gummy. We’ve also found that appropriate protective wear during this process is oddly a coconut bra and a papier-mâché tutu.

Each iDELTA8 gummy serving contains 50mg of Delta-8, naturally derived from legally grown US hemp. Beginners can start with a quarter of a gummy, intermediate users with half, and advanced users with a full gummy. These iDELTA8 gummies, totalling 1,000mg Delta-8 in a 20-gummy container, are designed to supplement your wellness routine. And yes, you need to be 21 years or older to embark on this cosmic culinary adventure. Enjoy the voyage!

Key features

  • Variety Pack: Comes with three uniquely flavored delta-8 gummies – Space Berries, Star Berries, and Sun Drops.
  • Potent Formulation: Each gummy contains 50mg of Delta-8, derived naturally from legally grown US hemp.
  • Unique Flavors: Each flavor, inspired by extraterrestrial elements, offers a unique tasting experience.
  • Large Serving: The container includes 20 gummies, totaling 1,000mg of Delta-8.
  • Easy Dosage Guidance: Suitable for beginners to advanced users with suggestions for appropriate dosages.

Supplement Facts

  • Serving Size: 1 gummy (20 per container)
  • 1 gummy: 50mg Delta8 naturally derived from hemp-legal US Grown cannabis.
  • 20 gummies: 1,000mg Delta8 naturally derived from hemp-legal US Grown cannabis

Suggested use as a wellness product for adults only: 1/4 gummy for beginners, 1/2 gummy for intermediate, 1 full gummy for advanced users. Consume as needed daily.

Must be 21 years of age to purchase this product.

Choose Flavor

Space Berries (Blueberry), Star Berries (Strawberry), Sun Drops (Pineapple)

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