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If you’re ready to experience CBD flower, then you’ll want to start vaping with a CBD flower pen or smoking it with a silicone pipe. While CBD flower is a highly versatile product that can be experienced in many ways, the two most popular means for delivering those hemp compounds into the body is through smoking it or vaporizing it. Both of these methods allow the compounds to get absorbed through the lungs, which allows for two things to happen: one is that the CBD will peak in the body very quickly, often within minutes, and two is that you’ll experience CBD in a more potent manner due to the nature of this delivery method.

At Pure CBD Now, we have products for those who wish to smoke CBD flower as well as vape it. So, which method is preferable? Well, that’s up to you, but to help you make your decision, here is a breakdown of each method.

Smoking CBD Flower with a Silicone Pipe

Smoking CBD flower is far from a new trend. For centuries, people have picked the buds off of the cannabis plant and smoked them in a pipe. Many who prefer smoking over vaping cannabis will tell you that you get a more potent and well-rounded experience due to the synergistic properties of the compounds which are preserved in the buds. And, smoke may be more potent than vapor due to the way it carries the molecules of the hemp flower.

The silicone pipes that we offer all work the same way. Only difference between them is their visual design. Silicone is quickly becoming the preferred material when it comes to pipes because of its durability. While glass pipes are beautiful, and aren’t necessarily going anywhere anytime soon, a lot of people are now gravitating toward silicone as it’s less likely to crack and shatter. Further, it’s resistant to heat.

Silicone pipes are very simple in terms of design. They have a small bowl, or chamber, into which the herb is placed. The user can decide whether they want to insert whole buds or grind them up beforehand. Then, the herb is lit with a lighter, and the user inhales the smoke through the mouthpiece.

When it comes to smoking hemp flower, you’re not going for an exact dosage amount. Instead, you can take a couple of hits and wait several minutes to see how you feel. Then, you can decide if you wish to smoke more.

Vaping CBD Flower with a Flower Pen

You can’t simply insert your raw flower buds into any standard vaporizer device, as these devices are designed specifically for liquid vape oils. A typical vape pen would burn the flower, and so you need to grab a vaporizer made specially for this type of product. The vaporizers shown below are all designed for hemp flower, and use the latest vaping technology to produce smooth, flavorful and potent vapor.

These CBD flower pens use convection to heat the plant material. Convection is unique in that it heats the flower indirectly rather than directly, by filling the chamber with hot air. First, the battery heats the coil to a specific temperature. Then, the coil heats the chamber evenly so that smoke is produced that efficiently carries the compounds in the flower material.

You can choose from a wide array of flower pens. These range from relatively simple and user-friendly to advanced and loaded with unique features. Advanced features that are available include: memory mode, temperature control, and automatic shut-off. All of these vaporizers come with chargers and other required accessories. This way, you can get started as soon as they arrive.

Common FAQs

  • What is a CBD Flower Pen?

    A CBD flower pen is a vape pen specially constructed to vaporize CBD flower, which is the flower that is removed from the hemp plant. It contains a battery and a chamber into which the CBD flower is placed.

  • How Does Vaping CBD Flower Differ from Smoking It?

    Vaping CBD flower allows you to enjoy just as many compounds as smoking it, but it’s a more discreet method of consumption, and produces a less potent smell and flavor.

  • How Do I Choose CBD Flower for My CBD Flower Pen?

    At Pure CBD Now, we offer a wide array of CBD flower products that are perfectly compatible with our CBD flower pens.

  • CBD flower pens are legal, as long as you use them with hemp-based CBD flowers rather than marijuana buds.

  • Will Using a CBD Flower Pen Allow Me to Enjoy All of the Hemp Plant’s Natural Compounds?

    CBD flower naturally contains the wide variety of compounds native to hemp. A CBD flower pen allows you to enjoy all of these compounds via the vapor that is produced.

  • Are CBD Flower Pens Safe to Use?

    CBD flower pens are built with advanced safety features that keep them safe from hazards.

  • Can I Use CBD Vape Oil in My CBD Flower Pen?

    CBD flower pens are not designed to handle CBD vape oil.

  • Does My CBD Flower Pen Require Special Maintenance?

    From time to time, you’ll need to clean your CBD flower pen as resin may develop within the chamber.

  • Will My CBD Flower Pen Need to Be Replaced?

    Our CBD flower pens are built to last for a long time, but depending on how you store them and how often you use them, you may need to replace them from time to time.

  • Do CBD Flower Pens Use Convection?

    All of our CBD flower pens utilize convection.

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