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Unwind after a long day with the award-winning CBD Freeze, your quick fix for muscle and joint discomfort. This all-natural, fast-acting gel offers instant cooling relief thanks to menthol, while CBD, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, and Arnica work their magic on your skin. Choose your potency, grab it in a roll-on or squeeze tube, and say hello to your new go-to recovery aid!


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Enter a world of immediate relief with the award-winning CBD Freeze, a potent combination of Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract and the cooling prowess of menthol. As a CBD-infused topical, it’s designed to alleviate various kinds of topical irritation, delivering a soothing, cold sensation that acts as a quick signal of its efficacy. Whether you’re trying to unwind after an exhaustive workout or seeking to decompress from a tough day at work, this gel provides temporary comfort to your muscles and joints.

This fast-acting, easy-absorbing gel is laden with the calming qualities of Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, and Arnica, known to soothe the skin. Moreover, its cooling menthol formula serves as an instant relief agent for transient pain. Blended with various cannabinoids and terpenes in our Superior Broad Spectrum recipe, it is meticulously designed to offer optimal benefits.

CBD Freeze comes in four different CBD concentrations, catering to a broad range of needs. Choose between the convenience of a mess-free roll-on applicator or the generous capacity of a squeeze tube, perfect for personal use or sharing. Just a heads up though, you might want to stock up, as this is likely to become your favorite recovery aid.

Key Features:

  • Superior Broad Spectrum Formula: Incorporates a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes that enhance the overall wellness benefits of the product.
  • Instant Cooling: The menthol provides immediate relief and a soothing, cooling sensation, ideal for various kinds of topical discomfort.
  • Enhanced with Beneficial Ingredients: The addition of Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, and Arnica helps to soothe the skin and add to the overall soothing effect.
  • Versatile Application: Comes in two different formats, a mess-free roll-on applicator or a squeeze tube for ease of use and preference.
  • Multiple Concentrations: Available in four different CBD concentrations, providing a range of options depending on individual needs.
  • Quick Absorption: Fast-acting and easily absorbed formula, offering swift relief.
  • Quality Assured: Tested for quality and purity to ensure it meets high standard requirements.
  • May Cause Drowsiness: Useful for those needing aid for rest and relaxation. Use with caution as it may cause drowsiness.
  • All-Natural: Free from harsh chemicals and toxins, ensuring a natural approach to wellness.
  • Award-Winning: Recognized for its efficacy and quality, CBD Freeze has won awards in its category.

Please remember to keep this product out of reach of children and consult your healthcare provider if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition before using it. This product is intended for individuals over 18 years of age. Be aware that this product may cause drowsiness, so use with caution.

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